CBD oil and drug test

What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is an extract from the plant cannabis which is used in various medical purposes. CBD isn’t the only substance that is extracted from the cannabis plant but another component termed as THC is also obtained from cannabis plant. The thc is the psycho active substance while CBD doesn’t show any such activity and hence it is regarded as the non psycho active extract of the cannabis plant.

Does CBD falls under drug test?


This question is difficult to answer as, the test could give false positive from time to time depending upon the volume of CBD along with the reaction with it. Many people take CBD for different purposes. Pure CBD oil is used for treatment of anxiety, depression etc. Other CBD oil effects and CBD oil benefits include, treatment of episodes of epilepsy, reliving from chronic pain etc. In all these cases, CBD is consumed in the body which is not harmful in itself.

The issue comes when these workers or employees need to go under through multiple drug tests. This is true especially for the federal employees. The private may also conduct drug tests from time to time.

THC and the drug test:

THC is the illegal substance in the cannabis extract in most of the countries and places. Hence a urine drug test is performed on the workers to check that they are free from such psycho active substances. The drug test is consisted of immunoassay with antibodies which is used to detect the presence of THC in urine. If you are taking THC in cannabis oil, then more or less likely you will be positive for this test.

How CBD does performs on this test?

CBD or pure CBD oil, the non psycho active extract from the cannabis plant usually goes undetected as, the urine test is performed in order to detect the presence of psycho active substance in the body. However, if there is unusually high level of hemp oil cbd, then it may give positive result in the urine test by reacting with the antibodies. This positive comes from presence of other metabolites in the body which does cross react with the immunoassay and the antibody in order to give a false positive result.


To conclude, this urine test isn’t the most comprehensive test to detect presence of thc and other psycho active substances in the body as it may give false alarms but it does do the job to weed out the harmful substances.

Post Author: Margarito